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Water Heater Problems, Causes, and Solutions:
A water heater is an integral part of your daily life. It works hard 24x7 to provide you hot water during winters. But due to negligence and improper care, sometimes it goes out of order. You may try fixing minor issues, but a professional is required for fixing a major fault.

If you are having an issue with your water heater, please give us a call. We are one of the best water heater replacement companies, and our technicians are highly qualified, well trained, equipped with the latest tools with vast experience.

One of our technicians will visit your place, analyze the issue, and come up with the best possible solutions at an affordable cost. We also provide water heater replacement at low prices, if needed.

What are the common water heater problems?

The standard water heater problems can be categorized into five parts listed below:

  1. Thermostat problems
  2. Physical damage
  3. Electrical issues
  4. Plumbing problems
  5. Rumbling sound

Let us discuss each of them in detail, know what these problems are, the responsible factors, and how to solve them.

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1. Thermostat Problems

The thermostat inside your water heater controls the water temperature in the tank. When it stops working correctly, you face water temperature issues. These issues are the most common with your water heater, and you can have any of the three conditions:

• Water is cold: There can be multiple reasons for cold water in the water heater. It may be caused by a lack of power supply, a faulty thermostat, or a heating element.

You can try fixing it by cross-checking the power supply. Check for the blown fuses and reset them. Ensure if the power switch is on. At last, determine if the thermostat is receiving power.

If everything is fixed and still faces the same issue, immediately call a technician to look into the matter.

• Water is hot but not warm enough: If you are getting hot water, but it is not warm enough, you may have an undersized water heater. Crossed hot and cold connections or a malfunctioning heating element or thermostat may be the reasons.

You can try to resolve it by turning off the water supply and turning on the hot water faucet. You can also adjust the thermostat at a high temperature.

If you can’t resolve the issue, find the best water heater replacement near you, and let them fix the problem. You can hire Gladiator Sewer & Drain Masters for the best and affordable services.

• Water is scaldingly hot: When the water running out of your water heater is extremely hot, it means that the thermostat temperature is set too high. You can adjust the same with the help of the user's manual.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can set your water heater temperature at 120° F for the best balance of heat and energy.

2. Physical damage

Due to extensive use, the older water heaters may face physical damage like dents, cracks, or leaks. These leaks or ruptures may be the result of one or more reasons which are given below:

  • Internal rust or corrosion resulted from a lack of routine maintenance
  • Failure to replace the sacrificial anode rod responsible for preventing the water heaters’ steel lining from deteriorating
  • Scalp buildups: These are calcium carbonate deposits build up on the bottom of the tank, resulting in leakage over time
  • Increased pressure: If the pressure in the water heater becomes too high, it can cause the tank to leak or even burst
  • Excessive water supply pressure
  • Relief valve or thermal expansion tank failure

If you find any unusual behavior in your water heater, immediately call a technician and get the issue resolve to avoid heavy replacement expenses or damage to your property.

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Why choose Gladiator Sewer & Drain Masters?

All our technicians are highly qualified and well trained. They have vast experience in handling water heater repair and replacement services. They can efficiently handle high-efficiency tankless water heaters. Our priority is to provide the best tankless hot-water heater services in your house and commercial property.

If you face any issue with your water heater, give us a call, and we will ensure you the solution.

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3. Electrical issues

Your water heater relies heavily on electrical components and wiring. If any of these components stop functioning, you can’t get hot water. A fault in the wiring may also result in disruptions.

Fixing electrical issues by yourself can be dangerous. Therefore, hiring water heater repair services is the best option.

4. Plumbing problems

Your water heater also involves plumbing work. When there is any issue in the water inflow or outflow, your water heater will not work efficiently.

A clog in the supply pipe can interrupt sufficient water flow in the heater affecting the outflow. It can cause other issues as well.

Therefore, you need to hire a water heater specialist and get the clog cleaned at the earliest to avoid further damage.

5. Rumbling noise

If you find an unusual sound coming from your machine, it may have severe problems. The most common reason for this noise is the sediment in the bottom of the tank. The heating element burns the sediment, resulting in unusual noise. The burning element can also cause this awkward noise.

You can flush the water heater to fix the problem. If flushing your heater doesn’t solve the problem, contact a water heater service provider to fix it.

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